Palestrantes de relevância global.

Como ocorreu nos anos anteriores, o Comitê de Programa do 3.o Congresso está finalizando o programa, trazendo os melhores profissionais nacionais e estrangeiros, para nos relatarem suas experiências e as tendências em Internet das Coisas.

Veja os palestrantes estrangeiros confirmados:

Afonso Ferreira

Cybersecurity Advisor & Design Thinker | Expert in the Digital Transformation, Seasoned practitioner of EU Institutions


In a career spanning more than 25 years, Afonso Ferreira has held European leadership roles in institutional policy and research. As an expert in the areas of Cybersecurity, Futures, and Policy Making, he spent the last six years seconded to the European Commission working as a policy and programme officer. Afonso has a deep understanding of the European landscape in cybersecurity, data protection and GDPR, research, and innovation, based upon 14 years working in Brussels and in European-related functions. Thanks to his large knowledge of the Digital Revolution, Artificial Intelligence, and their widespread impacts, Dr Afonso Ferreira is advising private and public actors on how to navigate the nexus of technology, futures, and policy making, serving at the boards of projects such EFFECTS, Platforms4CPS, and CPSwarm. He has been member of more than 70 Technical Committees for international organizations and events and is an editorial board member for international scientific journals. For detailed information, see www.linkedin.com/in/cyberfuture.



Bruno Michel

Manager Smart System Integration at IBM Research - Zurich

Scientist for a Smarter Planet


Bruno Michel is Ph.D. in biochemistry and computer engineering from the University of Zurich. Work in IBM Research on scanning probe microscopy and accurate large-area soft lithography. He developed microfluidics, 3D packaging with interlayer cooling and electro-chemical chip power supply as a new density roadmap that can replace the currently slowing Moore’s law. Most recently he focusses on smart system integration of IoT and wearable devices combining efforts that span from new sensing principles over ultra-miniaturized compute platforms to multi sensor data fusion and cognitive computing. Bruno Michel has pubications in very diverse interdisciplinary fields: 300+, Citations 20'000+, h-index 72 - http://scholar.google.ch/citations?user=xd-MCqYAAAAJ
See his TED Talk: How our brains keep up with AI - https://www.ted.com/talks/bruno_michel_how_our_brains_will_keep_up_with_ai


Dr. Martin Serrano

IoT Unit Head - Principal Investigator & Data Scientist

Insight Centre for Data Analytics - NUI Galway, Ireland


Dr. Serrano is a recognized Research Data Scientist with more than 15 years experience in industry and applied research on Semantic Interoperability and Distributed Data Systems.  He is a continuous contributor to the Scientific, Research and Innovation agenda for Europe and with a wide range of successful (EUFP5-FP7/H2020) collaborative projects, Irish (HEA PRTLI, SFI) and also Enterprise Ireland (EI) innovation projects.Dr. Serrano is the coordinator of the EU-H2020 FIESTA-IoT project (www.fiesta-iot.eu), the Data Management, IPR & Analytics Manager and leader on research activities in the EU-H2020 ActivAge Large Scale Pilot (www.activageproject.eu), He was involved in the HEA-futurecomms project (http://futurecomm.tssg.org) where he was investigating methodologies and algorithms for the optimal use of IT technology (i.e. cloud systems and analytic systems) for remote health monitoring.

Dr. Serrano is an active member of IEEE (Computer and Communication Societies) and ACM with more than 100 pair reviewed publications and He is the author of 4 academic books in related areas.


Dr. Mirko Presser

Associate Professor in Digital Business Development at the Department of Business Development and Technology (BTECH) at Aarhus University. My research focuses on applying Next Generation Internet, Open Data and the Internet of Things principles and technologies to Business Development.

Mirko Presser (Ph.D., MSc, MSci) have a background in Physics with Astrophysics as well as Telecommunication Engineering and Communication Systems. I am an expert in the fields of the Internet of Things, Open Data and Mobile Networks. His work experience is mainly in the area of technology research and innovation, this includes extensive experience in international research project and innovation management, inspirational talks, building up multidisciplinary teams and securing funding for emerging technology topics as well as successfully leading projects and geographically distributed multinational teams.He is the vice president of the IoT Forum and one of the most influential IoT Experts of Europe.


Alexander Gluhak

Head of Technology, IoT Lead


Dr Alex Gluhakhave more than 15 years of experience in network and mobile technology research, both in industry and academia. Since 2006 my focus has been on mobile computing and the Internet of Things and more recently how these technologies can be used opportunistically to provide foundations for Smarter Cities and Smart Energy solutions.His current work focuses on lowering barriers for innovation around Low Power Wide Area Networks and establishing common market places for IoT data across heterogeneous IoT platforms. 


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